4 December 2023

10 graphic design trends coming in 2024

Here’s a breakdown of the 10 graphic design trends that we think are coming in 2024:

01. The Rise of Cartoons

2024 is poised to witness a surge in cartoon-style design elements. Embracing playful and whimsical visuals, cartoons will find their place across various design platforms, offering a fresh and engaging aesthetic.

02. Elevating Creativity Through AI

The creative landscape continues to evolve with the integration of Artificial Intelligence. AI’s role in enhancing design creativity will expand, from assisting in ideation to enabling innovative design executions that push the boundaries of imagination.

03. Mixed Media and Hand-Drawn

A fusion of traditional and digital techniques will shape graphic design trends. Expect an amalgamation of hand-drawn elements seamlessly integrated into digital spaces, offering a unique and organic touch to modern designs.

04. Nostalgic Retro

Nostalgia will continue to influence design trends in 2024. A revival of retro aesthetics will emerge, blending vintage vibes with contemporary design, evoking a sense of familiarity and nostalgia in modern creations.

05. Creative Homogenisation

Challenges around creative originality and uniformity will spark discussions. The industry will focus on combating creative mimicry, encouraging unique and distinct design expressions in the face of economic challenges.

06. Responsible Design

The design ethos will lean towards responsibility and sustainability. Expect a surge in socially and environmentally conscious design practices aimed at creating impactful visuals that advocate for positive change.

07. Interactivity from Paper to Screen

Interactive design experiences will transcend mediums. From print to digital, expect designs that encourage audience engagement, blurring the lines between static and interactive elements.

08. Simply Type

Minimalism will dominate typography trends. Clean and simple typography will take the spotlight, conveying powerful messages through elegant and understated letterforms.

09. Vibrant Colour Palettes

Bold and lively colour schemes will reign supreme. Expect graphic designs adorned with vibrant and energetic colour palettes, adding dynamism and visual appeal to various creative expressions.

10. More 3D

Three-dimensional design elements will continue to evolve. Expect an expansion in the use of 3D visuals, enhancing depth and realism in graphic designs, creating immersive and visually striking compositions.

These trends collectively showcase a diverse and innovative landscape in graphic design, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of creative expression in the digital era of 2024.