1 November 2023

How Social Content is Redefining Search

The world of search engine optimisation (SEO) is in constant flux, and keeping abreast of Google’s updates is crucial in the realm of digital marketing.

The recent overhaul of SERP, giving precedence to social content, marks a transformative phase in SEO strategies. In this blog, we delve into this update, spotlighting how brands can thrive in this era where a robust social media presence significantly enhances website authority.

Google’s Latest Update: Social Content Spotlight

Google’s latest update has widened SERPs’ scope to incorporate more social content, shifting away from traditional SEO factors like keywords and backlinks. Now, content from social media platforms plays a pivotal role in Google’s ranking algorithms.

Implications for DA

This evolution offers brands a fresh opportunity to fortify their digital foothold. A robust social media presence now holds greater sway over Google rankings. As brands continue sharing compelling, pertinent content on social platforms, they stand to benefit from this update.

However, this change doesn’t diminish the significance of traditional SEO factors. Google’s algorithm remains multi-dimensional, considering various aspects. This update merely broadens the spectrum of indicators for a website’s authority.

Leveraging Authentic, User-Generated Social Content

At Creative Media Wales, we appreciate the value of genuine, user-generated content, reflecting this ethos in our client collaborations. We focus on crafting authentic, captivating content resonating with target audiences. With the latest Google update, this approach holds even more relevance.

Combining our creative prowess with user experiences, we create content that ignites interest and fosters engagement. This spans diverse formats—native platform content, UGC, and motion—adapting to varied audience preferences and platforms.

Strategies for Success in the New SEO Landscape

Integrated SEO and Social Media Strategy: Brands must unify their SEO and social media strategies, creating a seamless content-sharing ecosystem across platforms to engage audiences.

Quality Over Quantity: Emphasising quality social content over sheer volume remains crucial. Brands should continue crafting content that resonates, encouraging interaction like likes, shares, comments, and retweets.

Engagement and Interaction: Active engagement on social media not only bolsters social signals but also enhances website authority.

Consistency is Key: Maintaining a steady social media presence is vital for sustained audience engagement and brand retention.

The SEO terrain is ever-evolving, requiring brands to adapt. The accentuation of social content presents an opportunity to leverage social media for enhanced website authority. By amalgamating traditional SEO methods with a robust social media strategy and authentic user-generated content, businesses are primed for success in this digital era.

At Creative Media Wales, we’re dedicated to guiding our clients through this transition and helping them achieve their digital marketing aspirations.